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Friday, May 15, 2009

New arraignment of sewing room

I have a new arraignment for my sewing room. I recently spent some time taking my sewing room apart and moving furniture around. It works a little better now. My hope is the wire racks do not decide to fall over. I does seem to be leaning more now than when it went together.
The fabrics are easy to reach and then set on the table to be cut, then replaced in the cubes. No more excuse for fabric piles waiting to be put up. Behind me is the design wall made from tablecloth fabric with felt backing.

This is a fuzzy photo but maybe you can see the cute vintage ironing board that is a little table and the vintage typewriter I use to make tags. The ink is washable.

It is great to have a really large space to work in. The others side of the room has a guest bed and ironing space.

Also in that spot is my die cutter and all it's stuff.
Last is a photo of a new shelf I found at the thrift store. It keeps my vintage sewing stuff as well as things needed close to the ironing board.

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