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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow Pictures

Not so much sewing today, I worked then shoveled snow. We have worn out one snow shovel and I tried to buy another but they were sold out except wimpy ones. Next year I will have to look for one before the first snow.

This one of the views out of my sewing room. You can see I am upstairs on the third level of the house. This is looking out onto the deck off the dining room. The deck doubles as our carport. This is one of the best things we added when we moved in.

This view is out the side window that overlooks the driveway. Notice the tree right in front of the window. It is a former Christmas tree that we dug ourselves at a local nursery. It was about 4 feet tall then, now it is at least 16 feet. It has grown about a foot a year.

This out the front door. Looks like I should fix the flags they are getting blown about today. Who needs to go to Vancouver for the Olympics, we have a bobsled course on our front sidewalk, though it might be an abrupt stop at the end. More snow is expected here but not as much as the DC area.

This is a picture of the yard just beyond the carport. the chair will be lost if this keeps up.

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