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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EIEIO fabic quilt

I have been the owner of a stash of sample fabric that I received at work. The artist is a group called EIEIO. The fabrics are modern bright graphics. They needed to be quilted in a more contemporary design. I have made a few handbags with them, they worked very well. This week I made a small quilt to give to friends that have a new baby. She has done her nursery in pinks and browns so I hope this goes well with it.

After it was done, I did note that the design does not stand out much. The colors are pretty much the same value and all very busy. There is color difference but it does show that values make a quilt design pop a lot more than color. I like it anyway. It was quilted with a simple meandering line as it was so busy that a fancy design would not have shown any way.

The back is pieced with some of the fabric from the front with a coordinating design.

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