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Friday, August 6, 2010

New to me furniture

This started it all! A nice lady down the street ask if I wanted her mother's old buffet and china cabinet. I decided that I did and with our trips to Alaska and Texas there was a delay but now this week I was able to move it in. The China hutch is coming later this week. I understand it is going to be a little harder to carry upstairs. In anticipation of it coming I had to clean out a spot for it. Down came my tower of organizational cubes. OK, there was a lot of fabric in that tower. I have already taken 3 large bags to the thrift store. There are 4 suit cases of fabric stored. My goal is to thin down my stash to fit in the hutch. Bets are I will not be able to get rid of all of it, but will make myself work hard at it. I painted the wall a dark shade of dusty blue to match a spread that was in my sewing room. I only painted the one wall in the room, mostly to cover an earlier paint experiment that was pretty wild. The blue is a very calming color. The photos are flower pictures that I have taken. The baskets on the shelves are sewing boxes I have collected.

I am looking forward to getting the room back together so I can start sewing and getting it all messy again.

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