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Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary Hubert & Lorene

My Mom and Dad are celebrating 60 years of marriage this year. As a family we went on a cruise this May but this week is the actual day. I was not able to get back to Texas for the family get together last weekend but I did send a quilt that I did for them.

Reflections of the Fabric of Life
In the fabric of life we are given values from our parents that we take and weave into our own.
With our own light that we bring when we meet our match in life.
Together they are joined to become one.
Days, weeks, months and years accumulate.
Experiences grow and create a whole new fabric.
The twist and turns, the new colors and values are not always smooth.
Sometimes there are clashes and the pieces just do not fit
. We continue on, use the materials we have and make it work.
When it is complete it is something to be proud of.

Flowing through it all is the faith that holds us together.
It too gets into tangle and is stretched thin but it perseveres.

It is when we step back and look at life as a whole we see the complete picture.
The contrast between dark and light times is necessary to make the design visible.

Love in the binding that makes us whole. It stretches around us and completes us.

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  1. So sweet...the Reflections on the Fabric of Life. I really enjoyed reading that this morning and what a way to make a pregnant gal cry! Good tears! :D

    I found your blog from your tablerunner entry at Quilting Gallery. I entered as well, not so much to win, but just for fun. I'm obviously surrounded by some very talented women, including you. Your runner is stunning. I love it!! I'm torn between voting for yours and one other runner. Don't think in good conscience I can even vote for my own in comparison. :o)

    I've enjoyed visiting the blogs of some of the other entries and have really appreciated stopping by yours. Merry Christmas!!!