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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kaleidoscope Quilt Quilted and new project started

I am continuing to progress though the pile of UFOs in my sewing room. This quilt top was done about 10 years ago or more. It is an classic geometric pattern made with classic calico fabrics. It was made back in the day when my stash was much smaller and the variety of fabrics in the quilt are limited. Taking a picture of the quilt with my regular camera really showed the lack of contrast and the blue fabric congregation at one end of the quilt. It was made long enough ago that I can not remember if this was intentional. I do know that it shows that I have a hard time letting something be totally random.

The quilt is done with all over stippling with a variegated thread on top and cream on back. This did give me some trouble with the tread tension. I had to turn it up to 7-8 in order to keep the top thread from showing on the back. I did turn the quilt over and quilt on the back around the edges because it was hard to see where to stitch on the light colored part. I am glad that I have gotten one more quilt out of the ufo pile.

My next project is another quilt top completed several years ago. The pattern is Rob Peter to pay Paul. The quilting is going to be pretty basic again. Mostly following the lines of the pattern with stippling in the melons and a flower in the center of the block