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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toshiba Protege Z835 has design flaw

I bought a laptop to take with me to Australia.  I had seen the new Protege solid state drive and was interested in its light weight and long battery life.  I have been using around the house and had been enjoying it.  The week before our flight I had been doing my final packing and was test driving it in a backpack, it fit great but later after I took it out and opened it I noticed a black line on the edge.  I checked with Best Buy and they said it was a crack on the screen.  When I talked to Toshiba they would not do a thing for me even it was not abuse on my part.  When I checked again to see why it had cracked under such slight pressure I noticed the indention for the keyboard is where the cracked happened.  It was the difference of elevation that left a gap that caused a pinch point on the screen.



 Other models have a support there or a flat edge.   I talked again to Toshiba and again they would not help at all.  This seems to be a faulty design but Toshiba has yet to agree.  I have filed a complaint and plan more but it has not been able to get past the tech support people at Toshiba.  I will keep trying but you are thinking of getting this computer, I would hesitant as the screen is fragile, doomed to break and Toshiba will not do a thing to help.  Their statement said that “Customer satisfaction is a priority” but they do not stand up to this.  As you can see by the pictures it continues to get worse during the trip here.  The fact that replacement screens are sold out and out of stock says this in not just my problem but till I can get enough people together that have had this problem Toshiba will not listen.  So spread the word and warn other about this problem and hope Toshiba will stand behind their product.  I now really regret this purchase.


  1. My screen came with a black dot right there that developed into a 1 inch crack. The screen was unusable. I've sent the laptop back to the depot for repair, but they are asking for $500. I plan to fight as much as I can. We should get a class action suit together.

    1. I also left a review on Amazon.com. Others there have had a similar problem.

    2. Hi Kathy, I filed a class action suit against Toshiba on behalf of all the people affected. Due to some technical legal mumbo jumbo it would be a stronger case if there was a co-representative of the class. Would you like to be the second named person on the suit? You pay nothing if we win or lose. If we win you are entitled to compensation for your time as well as the settlement that all other members of the class receive.

    3. Hmm, are you a US citizen? This might not work if you're not.