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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree

Christmas will not be the same this year without our family, we will really miss them.  We did decide to put up a tree and I decided to decorate it with found or recycled items.

It is not large and has built in lights so I started with some shiny curling ribbon. 

This one and others are cut from a gift bag.
I glued a tube, cut it into 5/8 inch pieces and glued them into a flower.

The white heart is crochet thread stiffened with craft glue.

The seed pods are from a eucalyptus tree.  There are many kinds here. These are the largest pods I have seen.

This was handmade by Debbie.

The flower is made from an egg carton.

The owl is made from paint chip samples.

The tiny jar hold feathers from a Galah.

The star is origami.  It is made from a page of an old dictionary.  The pattern I found here.

This a wreath made form the stars.  I used paper from a nice magazine and silver beads from a yard sale.

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