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Monday, October 14, 2013

More Bags

I was on Pintrest and saw this bag.  It was similar to what I have been making but with better finishing on the plastic.  I too have been making changes in how I made mine.

On the front I had been adding wings to cover the side, now instead, I have placed the plastic pocket on the top side of the bag and used braiding to cover the edges.  Here is an example of an unfinished front.  From here I will add zipper to top and complete as a lined bag with box bottom.   

Having too many hobbies will greatly reduce the productivity of all of them, but here is a new watercolor to prove I am not sitting around all day.   These are Rainbow Bee Eaters.  They live by the Murray River and nest in the sand banks.  They hunt insects and of course bees.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Where has the time gone!

It is moving into spring in the southern hemisphere.  I have been making a big effort to get into better shape and am walking about 5 miles a day, that is somewhere around 14,000 steps a day.  That has been taking up a bit of time.  I have been learning to watercolor, that has taken some time too.  Sewing has been lagging lately though.  I did clean and organize the room so may have to come up with a better plan to keep sewing in my routine.


I have enjoyed taking pictures of the flowers and birds.  I have been trying to paint them.  We will see how that works out.

I got to meet this sweet fellow who is being cared for by animal rescue.  He is so beautiful and soft.

I will have to try my hand at painting his picture.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New and improved!

I added side sections large enough to make box pleats.  This has made the bag big enough to hold a few things and my phone too.  This one I will use for a while and test drive it.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


 You can't make just one!  It has taken me a while but over the last few months I have been working on zippered pouches.  There is always one more tweak to make so that it is the perfect bag, though I have become reconciled to it never being completely set in design.  I started with wanting to add an outside pocket to keep phone for handy use.

 The back would have some design feature.  In this case a panel from Australian inspired designs.

I moved on to a clear pocket out of plastic table cover.  This stuff is great as you can see the phone face thru it and even work some of the buttons.  I have even answer the phone still in the pocket and reply to text.   I have had to change the size of the pocket.  A lot of phones are getting bigger and so the bags have grown too.

Here is one with the pocket a bit larger.  I had feedback from friends that once the phone was in the pouch then nothing would fit in the inside so I have been working on added depth.  It is a bit tricky with the plastic.  I will post tomorrow with more pictures of my adaptions to solve this. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Roo pouch

Another roo pouch made from a child"s bath robe.  Hem the bottom, sew up the center, sew about the arm level, cut off the sleeves, and cut below the arms.  I turned over the cut and reenforced the fabric with a seam. It needs a sturdy hanger or can be hung on a pole though the arm openings.  The robe was from a Thrift store reject pile.  It had lots of stains but I think the roos will not care.  I also cut off the pockets so the roos would not get tangled in them.  Total cost,  $.50 plus thread and time.  Now just to get it out to the Wildlife rescue person.  I will try to make more with some fleece and fabric I have on hand.
I hear that a possum is using the pouch that I made from a child's fleece shirt.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up

I am so behind on posting,  sometimes life does get in the way of blogging.  Not sure where to start.  I will share pictures of some small purses I made for a fund raiser for the wildlife rescue.  We were able to raise several hundred dollars and it will be needed.  Loretta has been busy with animals injured in a freak tornado the area experienced early April. 

The purses are just simple zippered coin purses, I added a clear zip pouch on one side to hold a smartphone, which will work though the plastic.  I came up with this idea watching people click their phones to check for text.  This way they do not have to remove the phone from the bag.
The only problem is the many sizes of phones.  My bags keep getting larger.  I have been using the blue one when out riding my bike, clipping it onto the handle bar.  I can see who is calling without having to dig phone out of pocket.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roo Pouch from old fleece

I am trying a new approach to make joey pouches recycling some old fleece jackets.  They were $.50 at the Op Shop, can't beat that for a bargain. I sewed up the bottom, reenforced the top and cut below the seam.  I did use the sleeve to add a binding to the cut edge, but do not think is necessary.  The fabric won't ravel and the sag may help the joey get in. The sleeve openings also could be handy if they want to hang the pouch on a pole.   I did about 5 or 6 of these now and am waiting for some feedback from the rescue people.  It was quick and easy and lower cost than starting from scratch with fabric.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Roo Pouches

A friend here in Australia ask if I could sew some pouches for the roos that they are caring for.  Most of the joeys are orphans of kangaroo moms that have been hit by cars.  I am waiting to hear how the joeys like them as they can be picky sometimes.

They are made to either hand off a chair or  use a hanger though the slot.  The first I made out of fleece and the second out of a terry towel.

 The second was fast and easy and towels are easy to find in the Thrift shops, so I am hoping that version works.

If these work I will try some smaller ones for Possums or Sugar gliders.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Perfect evening, beautiful sunset

After two weeks of really hot days and a day of smoke in the air, the smoke cleared and the wind died down and the temp dropped.  We had an afternoon and evening sitting with friends just enjoying being outside.  A concert across the lake provided a soundtrack.  Can't beat that.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

I am bit slow on the New Year greeting but after the holiday am ready to get down to sewing.  My borrowed machine does not have a base and I found quilting without a bigger base unhandy.  I ask my husband to take me to the home store to see if there was a inexpensive way to build something.  There was not much there that did not include buying a saw and even though my husband might have liked that I did not see a need for anything that heavy.  I though some foam insulation would work but they were out.  When we walked out we saw a tray for holding new plants.  It was just the right height and was big enough.  I cut a hole in the grid, covered the top with cardboard and a layer of really nifty contact paper in Star War design and I was ready to go.

It worked great, I did add a needed support in the middle.  I was able to quilt the black and white top I had piece last year, now it just needs binding but that will another day.