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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

I am bit slow on the New Year greeting but after the holiday am ready to get down to sewing.  My borrowed machine does not have a base and I found quilting without a bigger base unhandy.  I ask my husband to take me to the home store to see if there was a inexpensive way to build something.  There was not much there that did not include buying a saw and even though my husband might have liked that I did not see a need for anything that heavy.  I though some foam insulation would work but they were out.  When we walked out we saw a tray for holding new plants.  It was just the right height and was big enough.  I cut a hole in the grid, covered the top with cardboard and a layer of really nifty contact paper in Star War design and I was ready to go.

It worked great, I did add a needed support in the middle.  I was able to quilt the black and white top I had piece last year, now it just needs binding but that will another day.

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