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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Roo pouch

Another roo pouch made from a child"s bath robe.  Hem the bottom, sew up the center, sew about the arm level, cut off the sleeves, and cut below the arms.  I turned over the cut and reenforced the fabric with a seam. It needs a sturdy hanger or can be hung on a pole though the arm openings.  The robe was from a Thrift store reject pile.  It had lots of stains but I think the roos will not care.  I also cut off the pockets so the roos would not get tangled in them.  Total cost,  $.50 plus thread and time.  Now just to get it out to the Wildlife rescue person.  I will try to make more with some fleece and fabric I have on hand.
I hear that a possum is using the pouch that I made from a child's fleece shirt.

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