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Sunday, June 2, 2013


 You can't make just one!  It has taken me a while but over the last few months I have been working on zippered pouches.  There is always one more tweak to make so that it is the perfect bag, though I have become reconciled to it never being completely set in design.  I started with wanting to add an outside pocket to keep phone for handy use.

 The back would have some design feature.  In this case a panel from Australian inspired designs.

I moved on to a clear pocket out of plastic table cover.  This stuff is great as you can see the phone face thru it and even work some of the buttons.  I have even answer the phone still in the pocket and reply to text.   I have had to change the size of the pocket.  A lot of phones are getting bigger and so the bags have grown too.

Here is one with the pocket a bit larger.  I had feedback from friends that once the phone was in the pouch then nothing would fit in the inside so I have been working on added depth.  It is a bit tricky with the plastic.  I will post tomorrow with more pictures of my adaptions to solve this. 

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