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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time Flies, or What I did on my Summer Vacation.


The Year started off with a bang.  We stayed in Sydney to watch the fireworks on our way home from Christmas in the States.  It was nice, this is a picture of the 9:00 show.   The logistics of staying till Midnight just wouldn't work.  No train back after.  We watched the 12:00 show from the Hotel roof.  The elevator ride down after was a much better commute.

January is fire season here.  There was one close enough that we had ashes fall on us.  The smoke hung in the air for weeks from all the different fires.

With the heat came little creatures that needed care.  A friend took this guy in for a month when the mom abandoned it.  With the heat and lack of water the mother's lose their milk and so leave the little guy to fiend for itself.  Luckily they will get found and care given and we get an opportunity to see on close up.  Watch out for the claws though.  He has his foster stuffed animal to hold on to.


I worked indoors during the heat.  I finished this quilt top.  Quilting has not progressed though,  I had a hard time doing the freemotion quilting with the table I am working on.  I was getting puckers in the back which doesn't happen to me with my machine set up in the States.

I have been working on painting.  I have done some acrylics lately and it is a whole new learning curve to climb.


 I will do the same one over and get a few more things right.

 I have gotten out to take pictures.  One day will try to paint them.

And last I taught a class on making my Zipped bags.  Most everyone was able to complete one so I am counting that as success.

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